www.WGUStudents.com/forum – We just got a shoutbox, also known as a chatroom. It is can be used for just saying hi or engaging in an active conversation with another member.

Right now it can be found on the bottom on the forum. Enjoy!


Thanks to the developer of PocketWGU, we now have great APPS for both Android and iOS. To find out more about these apps go to the operating systems respective app store or visit there website at http://pocketwgu.geofinity.com/d/forum/5


WGU has finally come up with a new system for the library, and I must say I am impressed.  It is a pretty good upgrade from the old school stuff they use to have.

To find out more simple just click here.


You might be a WGU student…

….if you have ever accidentally uploaded the original task when asked for a revision and it passes
….if every single member of your household thinks “taskstream” is a person you intend to kill
….if the day before your mentor call happens to be the same day you get most of your tasks done
….if you intend to throttle the next person who asks why you are getting an Internet Degree instead of a real one
….if you spend more time planning how to get your courses done on time than doing your course work
….if somewhere in the back of your mind you are starting to envy the brick and mortar students ability to sway the professor
….if you treat the Rubric as a holy book
….if you laughed when first given the wayyyy out graduation date and are now wondering if you will make it
….if you made 25 community posts in your first two courses and haven't been back since
….if “awaiting mentor approval” is a pet peeve
….if you can price books on 3 rental sites and Amazon in less than 30 seconds
….if you jump with joy when you start a course and see the books are included as ebooks
and finally, you might be a WGU student if you question your initial excitement because Lisa asked 20 times as many questions as you did

written by dbaylor


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Ever wondered or needed to know what grade level you are considered  to be at WGU?

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What grade level am I?


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We have reached a cool milestone at WGUSTUDENTS.com, 1000 posts and counting! Congrats to Kristen as she made the 1000th post here on the forum. Now if I could just convince her to accept her prize (T-Shirt)!


Interested in learning Spanish? Well now you can and with other WGU Students!

Click the link to start the first lesson. A special thanks to Avrila for creating our little Spanish Group!

Ch. 1 Study Guide and Q&A


So you have finally decided to apply for WGU, but you do not want to have to pay that $65 application fee. The good news is you do not have to.  Read the detail below to find out how to get your application fee waived.

For new applications, WGU currently charges a 65$ application fee to apply for admission, but this can be waived if you use WGU's Refer a Friend program!

If a current student refers you to the university (a simple online form) you can skip the application fee and the current student gets a gift certificate to amazon. Each current student is allowed one referral per calendar year.

Heres how to do it:
1. Fill out an application for admission at https://www.wgu.edu/wgu/app/app_step0 and stop when you are asked for payment.

2. Contact one of the members in this thread, who will provide you with the information you need.

3. Go to http://www.wgu.edu/wgu/student_form and fill out the information about yourself at the top, and put your WGU students information at the bottom.

4. Once you submit that form, you should receive an email within 2 hours – 2 days with your waiver code. Place the code into your application, and welcome to WGU!

Click Here to request an referral from another student

Set your Twitter account name in your settings to use the TwitterBar Section.